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Your five-point checklist for starting an e-commerce website

With more than 210million predicted shoppers’ spending money online this year, there’s never been a good time to start an e-commerce business. If you are desiring to start an e-commerce business and plan to sell different products online, use the following checklist to do it the right way from the start to the end.

Have a brief but detailed business name

Since you will you will want to promote your business and different the products and services you are offering from your competitors, the first thing to do is to have a business name and logo. With so many sites providing business name ideas compete with catchy logos, getting one should be a problem. However, only pick an option that clearly defines what you plan to offer online.

Have a domain name and e-commerce website

Ideally, you will use your business name as your domain name. If this is not possible, pick a URL that is easy to spell and pronounce and relates to your business. When it comes to designing your website, high a professional web designer unless of course, you know how to go about it. A professional web designer will primarily help you transform the ideas you have concerning your e-commerce website into reality. Also, the service provider will be able to quickly help you run a site that blends in well with the targeted clients.

Select the very best business structure and register your business

Since you will be offering services in line with the government’s regulations, avoid at all cost running the business without proper documentation. You have got an array of options when it comes to business structure. From sole proprietor to partnership to LLC or simply corporation, go for an opportunity that is in line with your long-term objectives.

Find the right vendors

Even before you start out, have in mind that you will be facing stiff competition. Thus, it will be in your best interest to identify, approach and work with different vendors who are ready to help you out. Some of the basic things to consider when shopping for the right vendors include the pricing, reliability and proposed working relationship terms.

Start marketing early

As mentioned above, you will always face stiff competition in this line of business. Thus, you must up your game even before you set off. Have a detailed marketing plan and start implementing it as you are preparing to launch your e-commerce website. You can for example set up your site with a ‘coming soon’ banner and promote it on different platforms.

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