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5 Best and Free ecommerce website templates in Canada that are designed with Bootstrap

When there are so many things that brand new business owners have to deal with, the design aspect of the website is usually something that gets left behind. However, when you are working online the way that you present yourself is everything and the design is something that will really make a big difference, so putting some effort into it will really be worth it. Bootstrap is known for having some of the best templates out there and some of our favorite free ecommerce website templates in Canada have been built with it so today we are going to talk to you about some of them.

Coza Store

This is the perfect template to go for when you are looking to start an apparel ecommerce. It is a template that has a simple look that will allow your beautiful clothes or accessories to shine through.


If your business is more into the electronic products sphere, then this is a great one to check out. The template is amazing and has a great and very responsive layout and that means that your website will look incredible on all kinds of devices, which is excellent.


Another incredible and very responsive template is Amado. This is also a template that has a very minimal design and is very innovative which gives it a very special touch. It is the perfect template to use for ecommerce businesses that have to do with apparel, but you can definitely make it work for other kinds of businesses as well.


Our next on the list of free ecommerce website templates in Canada is this great template that has a, both, very minimal and professional look to it, but something that makes it stand out even more is the fact that it comes with three unique demos. We can definitely say that this template is very different compared to anything you’ve ever seen and it can be used for a variety of different businesses.


This is a template that has a minimal and modern product landing page and it is perfect for businesses that are working with things like gadgets and so on. The style of the template has a very nice look to it which makes it perfect for showcasing a new trendy and fancy product.

Even though we only choose to speak about five of our favorite ecommerce website templates in Canada, you should know that there are tons more options out there to check out. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you were able to find the perfect template for you.

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