Revealed: The Top 4 Payment Gateways That You Can Associate With Free E-Commerce Web Builders

As an entrepreneur, your objective is to increase your sales. It is for this reason you launch an e-commerce website. With it, you are sure that you will pull more customers on your side meaning additional bucks on your cash box. However, whether you are selling online or offline, payment of the product bought and delivery of the same to the customers makes the end of a transaction. So, regardless of the means, you are using to sell you must provide payment gateways.

When using free e-commerce website builders, it might be tricky to know which payment gateways to include in your site. Remember, your gateways of choice must enhance transactions by enabling customers to make payment quickly and you to issue them a receipt. If you are looking for payment gateways to associate with your free e-commerce website, here are the top four:


When it comes to online payments and transactions, you cannot ignore PayPal. This company is among the leaders if not the leader in online payment processing. Also, PayPal is a globally recognized payment gateway. Hence, if you have a plan of selling your products to the international market, you can receive payment from customers notwithstanding their location on the globe.

Another benefit of PayPal is that it’s easy to join.. All you need is an email address. The signup process is simple regardless of whether you want a personal or a business account.

Besides, this gateway offers the top-quality security of your transaction through encryptions. You are sure that your data and those of your customers are secure. Considering the transaction fees, PayPal offers the lowest rates in the e-commerce and online payment arena. So, if you are seeking a cost-efficient payment gateway, PayPal should be your first choice.

Credit cards

At times, you might be serving customers from different regions around the globe. Due to some reasons, PayPal does not work or have suspended transaction in some countries. So, when building your site using the free e-commerce website builders, you need to provide such customers with a gateway they can use to pay you.

Credit cards can be your alternative in this situation. However, to accept card payments, you must assure your customers that your free e-commerce site is secure. No one will be willing to pay you and the next day they become cybercrime victims. So, you must ensure your checkout system is safe before adding credit cards as a payment gateway in your site.

Amazon payment

Are you offering your products on Amazon or do you have their account? If so, you can add Amazon payment as one of your gateways. The option gives your customers an opportunity to pay you through their Amazon accounts. The positive thing about this method is that it is fast and secure. As you know, Amazon is a king in the online marketplace. So, its payment is a trusted brand. Hence, taking up as one of your gateways in your free e-commerce website can enhance your customer’s confidence.

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Instead of offering multiple payment options, you may want to have one gateway that allows customers to pay through their convenient method. If this is your desire, is a timely idea. This payment gateway allows your customers to pay you using their credit cards, PayPal, e-checks, Apple pay, and visa among others.

One of the unique aspects of this payment gateway is the anti-fraud feature. With it, you are sure that no fraud will take place in your business. However, the service is applicable for businesses based in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.     

And those are the top four payment gateways you can associate with your free e-commerce website.